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Cloud Nine

Design Studio, Spatial senarios in Thessaloniki’s train station.

In the framework of this design studio, we were asked for a spatial interference in Thessaloniki’s train station. The starting point of the project was the exploration of the concept of travel, the psychosomatic situation of the traveler, and the importance of the transition from one place to another. The main concept, was the creation of a neutral zone within the urban fabric so that the local features of the wider area are not visible and the identity of the place is not clear. All these are aiming to integrate a person into a psychosomatic state of transition and travel. But how neutrality will be an architectural tool? The idea of the cloud emerged as an element of nature, neutral, that one can meet in every place with a variety of characteristics. After research on the clouds and their characteristics, the grid-space frame was used as the basic architectural element of the solution, which, through their light construction and discreet existence within the space, gives the feeling of hanging and feeling of the cloud. To create a livable space, a "parallel" world, that coexists with the grid, we created a fluid form that seems to complement the cloud. All the uses of the building program are also included in these spaces.
Supervised by: Anastasios Tellios

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