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Ambiguous Realities

Research Thesis

My research thesis entitled "Ambiguous Realities" describes the ambiguity of reality and the multiple connotations that it had taken over time, but especially today with the emergence of Quantum Theory. The paper deals with how this new model of the world integrates, ideally and practically, with topics such as the perception of reality, philosophy, and architectural thought.

Nowadays, a new fundamental 'Theory of Everything" has come to redefine every scientific, ideological, and philosophical field. Quantum physics and theory, is a new multidisciplinary scientific current, which gives a new perspective to the world, as it provides answers to fundamental questions and concerns related to the structure and function of the environment that surrounds us.

In the framework of the research thesis, first, there is an analysis of this field throughout modern scientists. It explores points like the perception of reality in relation to humankind from a quantum point of view as well as some ideas and thoughts from architects regarding this topic. It argues how this theory is affecting ideas such as the concept of reality and its philosophy around it, together with how it could permeate into the architectural thought and practice, through comparisons with other philosophical and ideological currents that have influenced it in the past. The purpose of this paper is not to answer a question that arises through this overall redefinition but to place questions that have to do with its impact to the world around us on multiple levels.

Overall, it is clear from historical data that every new fundamental philosophical movement is consolidated in every era, making its influence evident in all aspects of a culture. Architecture has always functioned as a mirror to these ideological movements and is always evolving accordingly. The redefinition that quantum theory brought, is opening new horizons both in the mediums (quantum computers that give new design possibilities to the user), as well as in how we consider architecture. Of course, it is too early to have evident and visible results. Would it be interesting to wonder, what an architectural style influenced by this new theory of everything would look like? What kind of spatial qualities it would create? How it would create a new post-reality? How the experience of reality could change for humankind? Questions that certainly can not be answered in detail yet.

Supervised by: Anastasios Tellios

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